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Hello everyone!

Mystery decks are back again! Last year was great fun and you guys loved the collection.

What decks will you pull this year?

You can find all the information in this article below including:

  • Price
  • Release date & time
  • Purchase limit
  • Full list of all decks (common, rare and ultra rare)
  • How to win a free mystery deck

Rare and ultra rare mystery decks 2022

Release details

Price & value

This year the mystery decks are priced at £19.99 (same as last year).

Every deck has a guaranteed store value of £20 (previously featured in our shop).
Every deck is specially selected by us from the best contemporary playing card brands right now.

  • The COMMON collection of decks have value of £20-£25
  • The RARE selection of decks have value of £30-£60
  • The ULTRA RARE collection hold value of £100+

The stars of the show are the Spongebob Holographic Fontaine edition (1 of 1000), the Anyone Red Gallery V1 Showroom edition (1 of 50), and the Guess V1 Fontaine (1 of 2500).

Mystery decks 2022 sealed pack design

Every mystery deck comes in a matt black packet sealed with a custom sticker, featuring the Deckita lucky cat!

Release date & time

The mystery decks will release next week:

Date - Saturday 11th June
Time - 5PM BST


Purchase limit

Due to the nature of the packaging, the limit is the same as last year:

Maximum 4 per order - but duplicate orders are allowed!


How to win a free mystery deck

We are giving away a free mystery deck over on our Instagram on Thursday 9th June. 

Tune in over on our Instagram to learn more @deckitadecks


The full list of decks

Decks are categorised into three tiers

  1. COMMON - modern selection of decks valued at £20-£25
  2. RARE - premium selection of decks valued at £30-£60
  3. ULTRA RARE - finest selection of decks valued at £100+
Common (£20-£25) Brand Quantity
FTP Fontaine Fontaine 8
Asura Pocket Knives YGH 6
Last Laugh Anyone 5
Defenceless Anyone 5
Bloc Marble Bloc 5
Heath Back Heath 5
1st Holographic 1st 4
Heath Budgie Heath 4
Heath Hereafter Heath 3
Bloc American Pine Bloc 3
Smoke & mirrors V8 Gold Dan & Dave 2
Bomb V2 Anyone 2
CGI Fontaine Fontaine 1
Bloc Rosewood Bloc 1
Anyone XL Checkerboard  Anyone 4
Anyone XL Dot Anyone 4
Spongebob Fontaine Fontaine 2


Rare (£30-£60) Brand Quantity
Lotus #01 Lotus in hand 2
USA souvenir Anyone 1
Orbit V5 Orbit 1
Window Fontaine Fontaine 1
6006 Back Anyone 1
Wine Fontaine Fontaine 1
Polka Fontaine Fontaine 1


Ultra Rare (£100+) Brand Quantity
Spongebob Holo Fontaine Fontaine 1
Guess Fontaine V1 Fontaine 1
Anyone Gallery V1 Showroom (1 of 50) Anyone 1


Thank you for checking this out and we hope to see you on Saturday, good luck!


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