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About Us

Deckita Decks (2022)

My name is Sena, I run Deckita Decks, I am a Cardist and playing card collector.

Deckita is not just a playing card shop. I am creating a brand that is focused on building a luxury shopping service and bringing a creative buzz to the playing cards community once again.

Exclusive playing card 'drops' are my way of bringing life to the playing card market, and my end of the deal is to keep bringing the latest premium playing cards from the best brands and delivering them to you with our most premium service. 

We have recently moved to Japan and now ship from Tokyo. And we still offer worldwide tracked shipping.


The name

'Dekita/できた' is a Japanese phrase that means 'accomplished or completed'. The name is a portmanteau of ‘dekita’ and ‘deck’, this means it combines my love for playing cards with my Japanese Heritage to incorporate a strong culture within the brand, therefore forming the name 'Deckita'.



What made me want to open a shop?

My experience with Cardistry and Magic had lead me to grow a passion for collecting Fontaine, leading me on a hunt to collect them all.

I began my search on eBay and also from my friends I made on Instagram. It was a slow grind but I managed to complete the full collection of Fontaines to this day. However, along the way I seemed to have gathered many other rare decks from all over the internet, until I had well over 100 decks of cards sitting on my shelf. This was the perfect time to start properly selling playing cards.

I began selling a few decks on Ebay and on instagram for a couple years, and after seeing many other online stores emerging, I decided it is time to invest some time into opening my very own online shop. I am an artist at heart so designing this brand was the perfect way to put all my skills to use.


Full Fontaine playing cards collection photo


The packaging & shipping

When starting out, I wanted to create a memorable, professional and unique experience for customers when it comes to shipping, so I developed a minimal package design using foam padding, custom spray-painted boxes and also custom vinyl stickers.

Since then I have redesigned the logo to fit a more minimal aesthetic.


Our latest packaging design is better than ever...

  • All decks come with a complementary 'Carat Case' Deck Sleeve.
  • Fully eco-friendly materials used.
  • Parcel boxes are now bigger & stronger.
  • 3 custom vinyl stickers
  • Custom wrapping (for special orders)


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