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An Introduction to Noren Playing Cards


    Deckita Decks is a playing cards shop that started in 2020. We sell playing cards for cardistry & collecting. We are currently located in Tokyo, Japan and we have creating our first deck of original playing cards.

    These are more than just a deck of cards so keep reading to learn about what makes Noren playing cards special.


    The Back Design

    We designed a deck that has passion, motion, and culture. Connecting the realms of Traditional Japanese Art and Playing Cards.

    A deck to make people rethink the way they use playing cards. This deck can be put on display as a piece of art or collected as a collectors item and it can also be used to add aesthetic to Cardistry.

    This deck will hopefully bring a new meaning to your playing card collection and cardistry.

    Learn about what the design means here

    The Faces

    Ace of Spades: hanko & writing, yuan orfisherman
    Jokers: Yoshitsune as a warrior, Katsushika Hokusai (19th Century)
    Extra card 1: okabe, narrow ivy covered road at mount utsu


    The Box

    A lot of work went into creating a box that brings together Japanese culture and art to create something classic, to hold unique value as a collectors item.

    I explored with textures sampled from original 18th Century documents of Japanese art by Nishikawa Sukenobu. The calligraphy on the front reads 'Noren / 暖簾' with details such as the hanko stamps from our calligrapher Irekoma Kazuyo.


    What Does Noren Mean? 

    The name 'Noren' is a Japanese word '暖簾 (のれん)' and they are strips of traditional Japanese fabric that are hung on doorways, between rooms, or in windows. They are mostly used for advertising but also protection from sun, wind and rain.

    The idea of Noren is to create art through Japanese culture in an intimate and unique way.

    Learn about the meaning behind the design here


    The Artist Behind The Brush:

    The calligraphy is done by Irekoma Kazuyo (いれこまかずよ).

    She is experienced Japanese Calligrapher who lives in Sendai, Miyagi, Japan. 

    Starting her journey when she was just 6 years old, she has been taught by a professional calligrapher and practiced the art for 25 years.

    Learn more about the artist here


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