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First of all, thank you everyone for the continued love and support for my small online store I opened 1 year ago now, It has been great fun.

Lets finish this year with a blast.

What deck do you think you will pull? I have put together a small variety of some of the best cardistry and collectible decks from the past few years.
As it's the end of the year, I think it's time to treat you guys. With some generously RARE decks in the mix which is exciting!

There are 50 mystery decks in total, all packaged with custom, holographic bags and stickers. Priced at £19.99 each, aximum 4 mystery decks per person. All decks are valued at £20 or more. 

Here is a list of decks and quantities which will be up for grabs...
AVAILABLE FRIDAY 10TH DECEMBER 6PM GMT - follow us on instagram for more.

Your odds for a 'Hot pick' (list at the bottom) is 6/25 or 24%

50 £19.99
Guess V1  Fontaine 1
Floral Fontaine 1
Window Fontaine 1
Parrot Fontaine 1
Polka Fontaine 1
Australia Souvenir Anyone 1
Blue Fontaine 1
Orbit V6 Orbit 1
6006 (sushi) Anyone 2
Stripe Dealersgrip 1
Wine Fontaine 1
Rockstar cap Anyone 1
Toucan duo Lotusinhand 3
Watermelon Fontaine 1
Echo Niagara Lotusinhand 1
Russia Souvenir Anyone 3
safety Fontaine 2
pineapple Fontaine 2
broccoli  Fontaine 2
cranberry Fontaine 1
decoder Fontaine 1
fever dream 1993 Fontaine 2
rockstar checkerboard Anyone


cotton candy Fontaine 2
seafoam Fontaine 1
carrots v2 Fontaine 2
carrots v3 Fontaine 2
babylon Fontaine 1
holo Fontaine 2
grey Fontaine 1
horchata Fontaine 1
ripndip v2 Fontaine 1
chocolate Fontaine 1
guess cycling Fontaine 1
guess sticker edition Fontaine 1


HOT PICKS: Guess V1 Fontaine
parrot Fontaine
floral Fontaine
polka Fontaine
window Fontaine
Blue Fontaine
stripe dealersgrip
Wine Fontaine
sleight Fontaine
watermelon Fontaine
australia souvenir
orbit v6


Any more questions, Message me on Instagram @deckitadecks

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