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Fever Dream Fontaines - coming soon

For those of you who haven't caught up with the action, Zach Mueller has produced 6 new Fontaine and released them on September 12th, selling out quickly in-store and online. 

A professional production of promotional videos was an amazing touch to the project and captures the 'fever-dream' like concept perfectly, along with the well designed video screen brick box.

FONTAINE FEVER DREAMS - BRICK (12 Decks) – Fontaine Cards

These decks come in mystery packs, just like the Fontaine Futures back in 2019! Making these very popular and sought after.

The new Fever Dream fontaines consist of six, experimental designs:

CGI EDITION - 1 of 4000 Decks printed at USPCC
1993 EDITION - 1 of 4000 decks printed at USPCC
HACKER EDITION - 1 of 3000 decks printed at USPCC
DECODER EDITION - 1 of 3000 decks printed at USPCC
RAVE EDITION - 1 of 2000 decks printed at USPCC
CHARACTERS EDITION - 1 of 1000 decks printed on full foil at Legends Playing Card Co in PRC. 

Do you want to get a hold of these?
Well, you are in luck because here at Deckita Decks we will be stocking these this weekend: 

Wednesday 20th October - 6PM BST


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