A New Look for 2022

Happy new year!! I hope you had a lovely to end the year.

To properly begin 2022 as a new chapter for me, I am proud to reveal the new rebranding of our logo, colour and whole aesthetic surrounding 'deckita'.

Why have I taken this approach?

As you may already know, the name 'Deckita' derives from the Japanese word 'dekita' which translates to "Done, Achieved (past tense of do)" and I have paired this phrase that I have commonly used in my vocabulary for years, with the object of playing cards/decks. I quite like the word 'decks' it is a shorter and cooler phrase compared to playing cards. 

How does this link? I have carefully chosen a red silhouette for the main logo, paired with black background. These two colours are extremely passionate and striking, despite having a dark & aggressive look; these colours also carry a Japanese aesthetic, filled with traditional colours of Royalty and also love and passion. All of these themes are exactly what I want Deckita to represent. I have passion in cards, Japanese culture and also design. The gold/yellow colour is connoted with rarity which is a message being spread through my branding by becoming an exclusive shop for rare decks only.

The new typography used is a stem from my Graphics course work I am studying, it is inspired by NIGO who is one of my favourite Japanese fashion designers I have been researching and learning from. It takes the curved graphic approach to reflect the warm and friendly emotions that I want to convey, along with the sharper points which represent a professional, modern approach. This contrasts well with the deep, aggressive red colour scheme, which I believe leaves a intriguing and memorable impression.

New Mascot - The Deckita Lucky Cat

This new cat character carries Japanese inspired luck and prosperity. A perfect way to reflect the 'new-year charm' in the shape of a token shaped cat graphic.

New Stickers

should arrive soon, you will get 1 of these at random in orders. Printed with a glossy finish.

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